Song List



Mine, wholly or in part, so far on CD. A few, where mentioned, are not entirely due to my own efforts.

The underlined titles have had the lyrics linked – just click to view them.

x indicates that that you will also find a link to a simple guitar and vocal recording – not the “album” tracks.



Brief Outline


Albright Things x

 Singing the praises of Albright, the leading hardware store in Diss, to a familiar hymn tune.

An example of the silly little songs that can come into your head, if you’re not careful!


Apricot Madness

Translated into Turkish as Zirdeli – Zidali, this is a song about the Şenol, the man who owns the Zirdeli Café in the village of Esentepe, North Cyprus. Go there for a great night!



Angel x

We have Angels in Diss. They are carved into the external faces of structural beams of two of the ancient buildings. If they were human, their job would be heartbreaking.



Success, failure and picking yourself up to start again. Norwich City F.C.?



(of tide)

A combination of two songs by Les Richards, Time and Tide & Very First Morning. The cycle of time rolls on regardless. All the more reason not to waste a moment.


Child’s Play

DIY always sounds so easy – but, is it?


Cry of Paine

A song to celebrate the bi-centenary of Tom Paine who was mentioned in Barak Obama’s inaugural speech. What would Tom think of the world that his ideas helped to create?


Dark-Haired Woman

Mysterious, dreamlike song of love found and lost. Lyric from Roger Dyer.

Esentepe x

The beautiful island of Cyprus, Kubris to the Turks, has been divided since 1974.

This is a prayer for unity.


Fair Tirade

Two days after 9/11, this song “came” to me, listing the woes of the world


Friendly Strangers x

Although this song is inspired by the lovely people we have met whilst camping, the sentiment applies in many situations

Grains of Sand

A tune originally for Slow Dance, finds a similar theme, with a twist!


Harleston Town

The local paper said “The Town is Dying” – not in my experience!


Her Secret

Written for a 60th birthday but so applicable to many ladies I know


The Debtor’s Dream

The Banks rob us far more efficiently nowadays. Lyric from Roger Dyer was originally entitled Hire Purchase Blues, which is, of course the theme.


Indian  Corn

Until I went brushing for a local shoot, I had no idea of its local importance.



The Ballad of the Blow-up Doll by Mandy Newman, to a traditional air!


Jewel in the Crown

Reflections on vulcanologists’ warnings and corporate greed


Just the Mile

Life turns sour but his goon-show humour and philosophy save our hero


Kirton Creek

An imaginative tale based upon the mysterious wreck in the River Deben


Listen and Learn

We all learn in a different way. Here are a few scenarios.


Long-forgotten Blues

Banter between myself and a few other local Old Boys gets out of hand

May Fever

Two special friends, relatives even, celebrated their 60th birthday and umpteen years of married bliss with a big party. There had to be a song to mark the occasion


Nora and Nancy

Set in 1920’s Ireland, this is the true story of my friend’s Uncle Frank


Ox Against the Storm


In his final years, Tanaka Shozo’s fights in vain to protect his villagers from industrial pollution. They are eventually compensated, but he does not live to see it.

She’s Here Now

The phone call, email and relief as the newborn arrives - later than expected


Sand Boy

A new character is created to retell the legendary murder of Louie Bryant


Soldier’s Daughter

While our soldiers keep the peace overseas, their families struggle at home


Spin Doctor

He has to make us believe in the truth - as our rulers wish us to see it


Sweet Girl

This was Majorca Music Man – too long a-title! Holiday romance that lasted.


There Used To Be…

Store wars and mobile phone masts come to the Market Towns of Norfolk

Timeless Town

Vandals steal hands of the Church clock and wreck the Christmas lights


Yin to Yang

Look for the positive and restore life’s colours. Basic lyric from Roger Dyer