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At last I have completed the “Time and Distance” trilogy with the title album, following “Timeless Town” and “From a Dystance”.

This and later songs will be available on this site during 2015

You will find other protest songs, some as dramatised documentary, trying to bring the subject to life. Why don’t you have a look round? Read the words while the music plays.

If the music isn’t quite your style, the lyric may help you make sense of this crazy world!



LATEST NEWS  3rd December 2014

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People have asked where we got this fantastic picture…


We were driving back from the Prescott Folk Festival this unusual sunset, due, so the locals told us, to the latest hurricane, way down in the Delta.to Phoenix, Arizona, and Avril captured

The telephone lines, framed by the glorious sunset, seem to hint at the delicate balance between technology and nature… a subject often found in my songs.